Aram Danielyan

My primary goal of participating in the exhibition is to introduce the series to the public, as well as to meet the audience’s expectations.

I was born in the Republic of Armenia, in the city of Kapan, Syunik region.
Art is an eternal, joyful and good symbol of a person’s striving for the good, for joy and perfection. I think for any artist, their art is something to be told. With my art, I try to convey to the world that cannot be seen with the naked eye. I reveal different emotions…
One of the works I’m presenting is “Climax”. The peak of the  evelopment of cases, events, and thoughts, the culmination is the source of new creation. If you look closely at the canvas, you will notice different climactic episodes that follow each other.

Acrylic, oil on canvas
100x200cm / 2018

Acrylic, oil on canvas
160x190cm / 2019

“Noise Silence “
Acrylic, oil on canvas
100x100cm / 2018