Armenian Business Corner is an innovative format for presenting Armenian brands in the USA, supporting a wide range of businesses, and artists, and contributing to the overall development of Armenian-American economic relations.

To better strengthen the economic bridge between the two countries, every 6 months a new group of 36 brands will be part of the Armenian Business Corner exhibition. In doing so, each brand has enough time to fully take advantage of the opportunity as well as for the attendees to experience and possibly collaborate with each brand.


The following 20 manufacturers from Armenia are represented in Armenian Business Corner.


The following 16 service providers are represented in Armenian Business Corner.
Step into our portal and be embraced by the artistic spirit of Armenia

Experience Armenia through art

Art has always been and always will be an integral part of Armenia’s culture and identity, and we are overjoyed to be hosting 6 modern Armenian artists alongside their breathtaking works of art! The Art Corner creates an opportunity for the mutual enjoyment and potential collaboration between our artists and our attendees. Now you too can behold the genius of modern Armenian artists right here at Armenian Business Corner!

Weekly business events