Zhora Gasparyan

I want art in all its complexity to glue the cracks in a person.

I am Zhora Gasparyan. My homeland is Etchmiadzin, where I was born in 1990.

People often ask what kind of role art plays in my life. The answer is “vital”.
Meanwhile I am used to asking myself the opposite question.
“What is my life purpose in art?”
Thus, my thoughts, therefore, my actions and everything I create on the canvas stands one step closer to infinity, the source from which the “eternal engine” of life is fed. The most important thing I can convey through my art is feeling.
Routine, everyday life, race, all have the ability to hush the important thing that lives in a person pushing it to the second, third plan and to suppressing and leaving unnoticed.
You get used to it and you don’t even think that it could have been different. You just don’t have time.
The work of art should move something in a person, make him feel what is kept in his depths and layers for opening what is locked in the shelves. Only by feeling one can reach the authenticity of the phenomenon, a place where objective explanations, confusing thoughts cannot reach, become real and reconcile with oneself.

“Silence In My Garden”
Oil on canvas
100X120cm / 2020

“Pieces Of Unreal”
Oil on canvas
140X140cm / 2017

“The Line Between…”
Oil on canvas
140x140cm / 2020

“Structure Of Nature”
Oil on canvas
200x200cm / 2020

“Farewell To Arms”
Oil on canvas
185x165cm / 2022