GR Holding is an accounting and financial consulting firm. With our team of dedicated professionals we offer a total package of accounting and accounting related solutions for local and international partners.

We seamlessly integrate our accounting knowledge with the power of the latest software tools and we are able to act fast and efficiently.


  • Development of Accounting Policy
  • Automation of Accounting (Accounting Software average package)
  • Preparation and delivery of tax and other statements submitted to other state bodies
  • Tax calculation and planning
  • Assessment of current tax load
  • Development of future tax policy
  • Revelation, assessment and management of tax risks
  • Sales recording (on basis of the discharged tax documents)
  • Recording of acquired assets and services (as per the invoice or customs declarations received)
  • Cost calculation (as per invoice or customs declarations received)
  • Non-cash flows accounting (as per bank statements)
  • Cash flows accounting (as per cash-in order, cash-out order, including completion of cash desk book of record)
  • Calculation of imports costs (as per the imports statements)
  • Fixed assets calculation (as per acquisition documents, delivery and acceptance documents for operation etc.)
  • Leased assets calculation (as per lease deeds)
  • Fuel cost calculation (warehouse outlet referrals, route records)
  • Analysis of economic activity (defined in terms of loans, grants and other competition tenders)
  • Compilation of payroll calculation records, time sheets, and paysheets
  • Developing the employer's internal legal acts (internal disciplinary rules, orders, etc.)
  • Ensuring representation within the scope of inspections, surveys and other procedures carried out by tax authorities and other public authorities
  • Appealing departmental and administrative acts in the administrative bodies
  • Ensuring judicial protection and representation within the framework of administrative, tax, labor and civil rights disputes (additional services)
  • Accounting; 3 Accountant from the Company will act as a Permanent Representative in the Customer's Office whose salary, including taxes, will be paid by the Accounting Firm
  • Work with group accounting program ARMSOFT
  • Provide the dates in ARMSOFT according to goup rules in 3 working days
  • Provide different kind the analysis and explanations of dates by request of Company Managment and Group Chief Accountant
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