After the 44-day Artsakh war, taking into account the situation in the country, he carried out multi-content military-patriotic activities, participating in rear operations in the border communities.

In order to make combat training more effective and systematic, from August 2021, in the area called “Grav” of Malishka community of Vayots Dzor marz, it was established;  is the “Satar” soldier.

The area has a complex geological structure and appropriate conditions, sports tracks where combat training sessions are held with the “Satar” volunteer squad, Vayots Dzor, about 80 youths aged 12 to 18, and people over 20 years old, on special Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  

During the project, we will cooperate with the Karate Federation, which organizes free training for 2800 karate fighters in RA and Artsakh. Within the framework of the program, once a week combat training classes will be held for the students of the Federation.

  • Implement patriotic activity
  • Support the soldiers’ families, died in the liberation war of Artsakh, war participants and disabled to solve socio-economic issues
  • Contribute to the solution of health, healthy lifestyles and other social issues of socially vulnerable groups (individual)
  • Put forward new ideas and problems corresponding to organization purposes and find effective solutions suitable to modern scientific procedures
  • Support the formation of healthy lifestyle, strengthening and maintaining the health of citizens
  • Direct the interests of society to health, sports and sphere of rest
  • Implement charitable projects directed to organization member socially disadvantaged families and their social and legal issues
  • Organize seminars, round tables
  • Support to the creation of material and technological base directed to Paralympic sports
  • Maximum encourage the development of new approaches and methods of social work, which are necessary to meet the needs of new and existing needs
  • Implement publishing activity
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